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Temporary Works
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Temporary Works

Temporary Works are defined in the British Standards, as, quote, ‘parts of the works that allow or enable construction of, protect, support or provide access to, the permanent works and which might or might not remain in place at the completion of the works’.

The British Standard, reference, BS5975 is titled, ‘Code of Practice for Temporary Works Procedures & the Permissible Stress Design of Falsework’

As experts, Royston Cooke is a member of the Temporary Works Forum (TWf) an advisory group that was set up in 2009 to influence industry on procedures in the, risk categorisation, design, design checking, site inspection and the safe coordination of Temporary Works in the United Kingdom

We are well versed in the design and coordination of Temporary Works with thoroughly engineered solutions on construction sites that the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) legally requires in full compliance with the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM).

Don’t hesitate and give us a call today to discuss your Temporary Works requirements, including the following:

• Temporary Works Design & Checking
• Temporary Works Coordination
• Temporary Works Procedures
• Loading & Dismantling Certificates
• Materials
• Site Mobilisation & Accommodation
• Lifting Equipment
• Gantries & Cranes
• Excavation
• Sheet Piling
• Cofferdams & Ground Water
• Retaining Structures
• Underpinning
• Scaffolding and Staging
• Formwork & Falsework
• Tunnels
• Shafts