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Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering is a branch of civil engineering concerned with the application of soil & rock mechanics, engineering geology and other related disciplines to civil engineering design and construction.

No matter how well designed a building or structure may be, it’s always vital to consider the ground that it will sit upon and that the soil properties are suitable for the surcharge loading that may be applied to it.

Crucially, the ‘soil’ must remain stable under stress !

At Royston Cooke, we have many years of experience working on engineering projects around the world, so have come to understand the needs of our clients.

Why not contact us to find out more about:

• Topographical Surveys & Digital Ground Modelling
• Site & Ground Investigation
• Soil & Rock Mechanics
• Trial Holes & Borehole Logs
• Soil Strength Assessment
• Foundation Selection & Design
• Slope Stability Assessment & Design
• Cut & Fill
• Geotechnical Assessment & Design of Retaining Structures
• Cofferdam Design
• CFA, Auger, Driven & Steel Sheet Piling
• Design and Supervision of Earthworks
• Reinforced Earth Design
• Earth and Rock Anchor Design
• Designs of Working Platforms for Tracked Plant
• Investigation and Stabilisation of Old Mine Workings and Shafts, Tunnels & Adits
• Expert Witness & Construction Litigation